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Dancer Strikes a Pose Print


Gift of a Rose Print


Butterfly on Tulip Print


Butterfly on Fingertip Print


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Line Art Prints

Line art is a simple yet powerful art style that relies on the most basic artistic element; the line. Artists combine straight and curved lines, varying the thickness and shade to achieve the desired end result. Traditional line drawings are black and white however a modern take on this art form incorporates a subtle infusion of color.

We offer two types of digital line art which is created entirely by hand by our illustrator in New York City. The first style is referred to as single or one line art, which consists of a continuous line. Once the pen tip touches the paper, it is not lifted until the entire artwork is completed. This technique is preferred by minimalists. The second style is more detailed and created by adding definition lines on top of a single line foundation. These two approaches are both very popular and you may choose whichever better aligns with your preferences.

There is beauty in simplicity and our line art prints can help you achieve a modern aesthetic for your home. These prints are so widely versatile, in that they pair well with any decor and are always on-trend.