Custom Horse Portraits & Paintings

Custom horse portraits by Stellar Villa are the best way to show off your stallion and integrate them into your home decor with style. Our horse portraits and horse paintings are hand illustrated by real artists and printed on gallery quality materials designed to withstand the test of time.

Create your Horse Portrait in 3 easy steps!

  1. Choose a style - we offer portraits in several art styles
  2. Upload a photo - upload a photo or two of your horse or pony
  3. Preview your art - our artist will send you a preview of your art to approve as soon as it's ready

Custom Horse Portraits & Paintings

Commission our artist to create a horse portrait and show off the stallion you love so dearly. Simply upload a picture or two of your horse, and we will create an artistic masterpiece from your photos. Our horse portraits are illustrated by hand in our New York City studio using a unique, digital drawing process. All art prints are printed on gallery quality paper using archival inks. This horse portrait will add to the aesthetic and decor in your home; it's a real statement piece.

Our personalized horse portraits can be illustrated in a few different art styles, so browse our selection and pick the one you like best. You can't go wrong with our minimal line sketch style horse portraits as they are a timeless classic that looks great in any setting. Among our other styles are our cartoon illustrations or semi-realistic digital paintings. If you'd like to have your horse and the horse's owner illustrated together, we can do that. We can also add the name of your horse to the artwork.

Horse portraits are a good choice for several occasions. They make excellent gifts for any horse lover or equestrian. It's a very personal gift that they will cherish for many years to come. This artwork is also a good way to memorialize a horse who has passed, allowing you to remember all the good times you enjoyed together.

Order your horse portrait today and let's create something special that you can cherish forever.