Custom Dog Portraits & Paintings

Custom dog portraits from Stellar Villa are the perfect way to show off your canine companion and incorporate them into your home decor in style. Our dog portraits and dog paintings are all illustrated by hand and printed using gallery quality materials for quality that lasts for generations.

Create your Dog Portrait in 3 easy steps!

  1. Choose a style - we offer portraits in several art styles
  2. Upload a photo - upload a photo or two of your dog or puppy
  3. Preview your art - our artist will send you a preview of your art to approve as soon as it's ready

Custom Dog Portraits & Paintings

Show off your beloved pup in the best possible way, with a custom dog portrait. It's as easy as uploading a photo or two for our artist to use as a reference, after which we will transform your photos into a true artistic masterpiece. Our portraits are unique pieces of handcrafted art and they serve as an excellent tribute to your dog or puppy. Every Stellar Villa portrait is illustrated by hand in our New York City studio, and printed on gallery quality materials right here in the United States. The portraits are designed with a modern style to guarantee they look stunning once on display in your home.

Our line of personalized dog portraits are available in several different art styles for you to choose from. The first portrait we ever created was draw in a minimalistic line style that remains a best-seller to this very day. Line is a classic look that pairs well with any decor; it's simple yet elegant. Our cartoon style dog portraits are on the funny, light-hearted side and will definitely make you smile. If you would prefer a more realistic portrait, try our peekaboo dog paintings. In addition to illustrating dogs, many of our customers ask us to illustrate the dog and owner together in a single piece. If you desire, you have the option to add your dog's name to the portrait as well.

Dog portraits are perfect for so many occasions. Any dog lover will be thrilled to receive a custom dog portrait as a gift. It's a very personal gift that will have the receiver grinning from ear to ear or possibly even shedding tears of joy. It's a truly unique gift that shows you put a lot of thought and work into choosing it. In addition to gifting, dog portraits can be a special memorial for dogs that have went to doggy heaven. Ordering a piece of art created from their image helps their survivors remember them and all the good times they shared together.

Go ahead and commission our artist and let's get to work creating a special dog portrait or painting that you will cherish for a lifetime.