Dog Tattoos Ideas & Design

Stellar Villa dog tattoos are the best way to create a custom tattoo featuring your canine friend. Our artist is a master of minimalistic line art which is one of the most popular, trending tattoo styles.

Create your Dog Tattoo in 3 simple steps!

  1. Browse ideas - view our examples below for inspiration
  2. Upload a photo - upload a photo or two of your dog or puppy
  3. Preview your tattoo - our artist will send you a preview of your tattoo design, complete with a photoshop mockup of it on your body

Dog Tattoos Ideas & Design

Scroll through this page to view our portfolio of dog tattoo ideas and when you're ready, commission our artist to create a custom tattoo design just for you. We offer a variety of artwork here at Stellar Villa, but since our inception we have specialized in dog portraits which have been featured in major publications across the web and are a fan favorite on Instagram. Due to popular demand, we've added dog tattoo designs to our line of custom art services.

We design dog tattoos for customers through a simple, straightforward process. All you need to do is upload a photo or two of your dog which serves as a reference image for our artist. Once we receive your photos our artist will hand illustrate your tattoo design. The final design will be delivered in a digital format so when you're ready to get inked, just print it out or e-mail it to your preferred local tattoo artist. Choosing us to design your tattoo has some benefits over having it done at a tattoo shop. The best part is that you get to see the concept before permanently putting it on your body and there is no pressure so you can move forward at your own pace. Also, our digital tattoo designs make a cool gift for any dog lover and are guaranteed to be a hit.

The style we use to create a dog or puppies tattoo is based on minimalist design. We draw the tattoos in our unique line art style which consists of black lines in varying degrees of thickness. The focus of the design can be a number of different things such as a full body outline, a portrait of your dog's face or their paw print. Line art is a style best suited for small and medium size tattoos.

We understand that there is a personalized nature to these tattoos and we will work with you to create a special tattoo that has real meaning behind it. Some people are just obsessed with their dog and want to literally wear them on their sleeves. Others however, want a tattoo designed to serve as a memorial for a dog that has passed away... RIP (rest in peace). We can create either kind of tat tastefully for men and women alike. Dog tattoos start at only $150 which includes two designs for you to choose from plus we also photoshop the tattoo on your body so you'll know exactly how the end result will look.