Cat Tattoos Ideas & Design

Stellar Villa cat tattoos are the perfect way to create a custom tattoo starring your feline friend. Our artist specializes in minimalistic line art which is one of the hottest trending tattoo styles.

Create your Cat Tattoo in 3 easy steps!

  1. Browse ideas - check out examples below for inspiration
  2. Upload a photo - upload a photo or two of your cat or kitten
  3. Preview your tattoo - our artist will send you a preview of your tattoo design, complete with a photoshop mockup of it on your body

Cat Tattoos Ideas & Design

Browse through our portfolio of cat tattoo ideas and when you're ready, we can start working on a custom tattoo design just for you. At Stellar Villa, we offer a range of artwork but one of the specialties that our company was founded on is our cat portraits which have been featured across Instagram and the web. Due to frequent requests and customer demand, we have added cat tattoo designs to our line of custom art services.

We create cat tattoos for clients through a very simple process. You upload a picture of two of your cat and our artist will illustrate a tattoo for you, based on your photos. The tattoo design will be delivered to you in digital format, so you can print it out or send it to your local tattoo artist of choice, when you are ready to get inked. Having your tattoo designed with us opposed to the traditional method of having it done a a tattoo shop is a great idea; you get to see the concept before permanently putting it on your body and there is no pressure. Also, you can gift our digital tattoo designs and the recipient can have it applied conveniently whenever they are ready.

The basis for our cat tattoo drawings is a cute minimalist design. We illustrate these tattoos with our unique and simple line art style composed of black lines of varying thickness. We can draw a number of different tattoo subjects such as a cat head or face outline, cat paw or full-body silhouette. Our line style is best suited for small or medium sized tattoos.

Due to the personalized nature of these tattoos, we will work with you to create a cool tattoo design that you love but which also has meaning. You may just be interested in a cat tattoo because you love your feline and want to carry them with you wherever you go. On the other hand, your inspiration for a tattoo may be to serve as a memorial for a cat that has passed. We create these tats for both men and women. Cat tattoos start at just $150 which includes a couple designs for you to choose from and we will also photoshop the tattoo on your body so you can preview how it will look.