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Custom Pet Portrait - Line Art
Custom Pet Portrait - Line Art
Custom Pet Portrait - Line Art
Custom Pet Portrait - Line Art

Custom Pet Portrait - Line Art


There is beauty in simplicity and our pet portraits illustrated in line art embody this very idea. Our artist will transform your reference photo, using this minimalist art style, and create a masterpiece that is a true tribute to your beloved pet.

The foundation of this portrait is a single, continuous line that's drawn without ever lifting the pen tip from the paper.  Definition lines are sometimes added in to highlight the eyes, fur and coat markings. It's a simple style, yet our artist will work magic to capture your pet's unique personality and charm.

Our line art portrait is a great choice when your looking for a real piece of hand drawn art that will not only portray your pet, but also compliment your well-styled home and decor. Nothing looks more elegant and chic when framed and displayed up on the wall. We offer several color options for this portrait including the classic black line on white background or a number of colored lines on a cream colored background. You can optionally choose to add your pet's name to the piece as well.

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#1: Choose A Style

We offer portraits in several styles. Choose your favorite on our pet portraits page.


#2: Upload A Photo

Upload a photo of your pet so our artist can get started on your masterpiece.


#3: Preview Your Art

We’ll e-mail you a preview of your portrait as soon as it’s ready and if you like, add your pet’s name.

Every custom pet portrait includes one revision request.

Artwork is for personal use only. Commercial and for-profit use is strictly prohibited without a commercial contract as we retain copyright on all art created.

Hi! My name is Laura and I'm the artist behind Stellar Villa. I've always had a love for art and the act of creating. I like to draw all day long, drink tea (often times too much) and play with my lab puppy Lenny.