pet and owner cartoon portrait from photo
pet and woman owner cartoon portrait
pet and owner cartoon portrait framed
pet and woman owner cartoon portrait
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Custom Pet and Owner Portrait - Cartoon Style

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What could be better than having a piece of artwork featuring your pet? Having a piece of art featuring both you and your pet, of course! With this portrait you can accomplish just that, as our artist illustrates the pet and owner side by side in an enchanting cartoon style.

Picture the completed portrait hanging on your wall; it's sure to keep a big smile on your face and be the talk of all your guests. It's a great way to look back on the fond memories you've shared together with your pet. These portraits are a good choice for any pet lover looking to decorate their home with a personal touch.

This portrait comes with several options. It includes two figures (pet and owner), however you have the ability to add up to four in one portrait. As for the background, you can pick either white (or a solid color) or you can have the background illustrated based on the reference photo that you upload.

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#1: Choose A Style

We offer portraits in several styles. Choose your favorite on our pet portraits page.


#2: Upload A Photo

Upload a photo of your pet so our artist can get started on your masterpiece.


#3: Preview Your Art

We’ll e-mail you a preview of your portrait as soon as it’s ready and if you like, add your pet’s name.

Every custom pet portrait includes one revision request.

Artwork is for personal use only. Commercial and for-profit use is strictly prohibited without a commercial contract as we retain copyright on all art created.

Hi friends! My name is Lily and I've had two passions my entire life: art and animals. I'm very lucky to be able to do something I love which is illustrating your pets. My favorite art projects are cartoons and paintings.